mental health care

We might be getting a bit better at understanding – and reducing the stigma around- mental health.

During this very busy month of October, we are taking some time to notice that it is also a month focused on mental health. The first week in October was Mental Illness Awareness Week. October 10th was World Mental Health Day. And all of October is World Mental Health Month and Depression Awareness Month. All of these special designations are of course meant to educate people about – and remove the stigma around – mental health concerns. Central Texas neuropsychotherapist Bella J. Rockman LPC, MA told KUT’s Jennifer Stayton recently over Zoom that she thinks we are actually doing pretty well.

Mental Health in Texas Public Schools

Texas schools can present a tough environment, yet the voices that most need to be heard rarely make it to the ear of policymakers. Ike and Andrew Hairston of Texas Appleseed talk the 88th Texas Legislative Session, lived experience with mental health, and how we can potentially make learning atmospheres more conducive for healthy development.

KUT Afternoon Newscast for September 26, 2023

Central Texas top stories for September 26, 2023. Judge hears arguments in case pitting property owners against affordable housing efforts. Austin using state money to get more homeless into shelters. More Central Texans turning to indigent health care, specifically mental health care. City audit of Austin Animal Center finds issues. Students argue issues at Model UN.