Matt the Electrician

Matt the Electrician: “Human Echo”

It’s been a long time since Matt the Electrician made his last official house call. But although the days of his eponymous trade are behind us, Matt’s still got the spark to put a tap in our foot and a smile on our face each time he plays. In our ever-crowding, sometimes cocky live scene, Matt the Electrician really does humble the competition thanks to decades of astute observations and unpretentious performances, unplugged or otherwise. And with a discography as deep as his, comparing the output from his folk rock contemporaries to Matt the Electrician is almost like a drop in the ocean.

Speaking of which, Matt the Electrician just finished up his latest installation last Friday with his full-length The Ocean Knocked Me Down, a sixteen-track tidal wave of lighthearted fun and buoyant optimism that features some Austin favorites. Over the next couple weeks, this electrician will be workin’ on a regional circuit, with stops in Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas before returning to Texas in March. Glancing at Matt the Electrician’s calendar, there’s a suspicious gap right where SXSW lands, but we do know for sure that he’ll have another Austin show on April 20th at The Rollins Theater.

Until then, if you’ve depleted your remaining surplus of holiday cheer, let The Ocean Knocked Me Down wash away that wintertime blues with charming originals like “Human Echo”. The second track in The Ocean…‘s new batch, “Human Echo” reverberates with skanky ukulele, unruffled trumpet riffs, big bear hugs of group vocals, tasteful key chords, and the jocund wisdom that whatever it will be…is whatever it will be.

Matt the Electrician: “Night Owls”

Back in his screwdriver and salad days, songwriter Matt The Electrician was somewhat of a local legend, coming straight off all-day shifts to open mics still in company attire. Matt’s occupational capacity as electrician is a thing of the past, but the title’s become inseparable from his musical character and internal creative circuitry.

Just last Friday Matt The Electrician shared his new LP We Imagined An Ending, highlighting the singer’s pristine vocal delivery, reflectively human lyrics, and hauntingly sparse acoustic guitar work. We Imagined An Ending also gave us a couple music videos, including the charmingly minimalist visual counterpart to “Night Owls” that make absorbing the nocturnal lyrics quite a bit easier than trying to adjust your sleep schedule into early bird-ism.

What Do We Do Now?

We look at this latest COVID surge in Austin and ask the question — What Do We Do Now?

In this episode you’ll hear from

Desmar Walkes, M.D — Medical Director/Health Authority for the City of Austin.
Pat Buchta — Executive Director or Austin Texas Musicians
Aubrey Hays — Musician
Mike Hidalgo — Musician
Autumn Cymone — Musician
Matt the Electrician — Musician
Erin Walter from Parker Woodland
Kate Howard — Musician
Jason McNeely — Managing Partner of Hotel Vegas
Jung Kwak PhD, MSW — Associate Professor at The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing specializing in end of life issues and Medical Ethics.

Erin Walter poses for a portrait at Far Out Lounge and Stage on August 5, 2021. Michael Minasi/KUTX

Portrait of Jung Kwak, Associate Professor in the University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing. Photo by Matt Wright-Steel, courtesy of the Texas Exes


This Song: Matt The Electrician

Matt the Electrician  describes how seeing Michael Penn’s video for “No Myth” changed his life and gave him the permission he needed to pursue a life in music

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