Martha's Vineyard

Texas Standard: September 20, 2022

A Texas sheriff opens a criminal investigation into the flying of nearly 50 migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard. Florida’s governor under investigation for emulating the tactic of Texas’ governor, flying migrants out of state. We’ll take a closer look. Also, many in the town of Uvalde turning to politics after frustration with how elected leaders have handled the aftermath of the mass shooting there last May. We’ll have the Texas newsroom with details. And President Biden pushing for online privacy legislation. Guess who’s pushing back: a hint, she’s not a Republican. Plus UT’s Steven Vladeck on Texas’ social media law, and what comes next. Those stories and more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: September 16, 2022

A demographic shift decades in the making is finally here. So what’s it mean for the state’s future? New data from the census bureau shows there are now more Hispanic than white residents in Texas. We’ll talk it over with the state’s demographer. Plus the story of a novelty website purchased for one and a half billion dollars. We’ll hear from the author of a new book that charts the rise of Youtube. All that, and of course the week that was in Texas politics today on the Texas Standard:

Mackenzie Shivers: “Martha’s Vineyard”

Dating back to her 2014 debut Neverland, multi-instrumentalist Mackenzie Shivers has always been about making her listeners feel less alone. So you can imagine with the quarantine conditions of the pandemic that that task has evolved into a gargantuan one. But despite the hurdles of socially-distanced recording sessions and remote collaborations, the New York-based songwriter was up to the challenge, hauling her piano, family heirloom guitar, and voice box into the studio and coming out with a masterpiece.

This Friday Mackenzie Shivers shares her third LP, Rejection Letter, an album whose ample ten tracks will pierce you with their lush arrangements (including a string section), cinematic atmospheres, and lyrics that build a bridge between anecdotal and universal. Don’t write off Rejection Letter as just another pandemic release; instead stay tuned for the full thing this weekend and expect some more powerful compositions on par with “Martha’s Vineyard”!