Luck Reunion

Indigenous chefs take center stage at Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion

Almost a year after the Uvalde school shooting, a new investigation by the Texas Tribune reveals it was the type of weapon used, an AR-15, that prompted officers to back off from the room where the shooter was holed up. Reporter Zach Despart joins us to explain.

A closer look at bills in the Legislature focused on hot-button social issues, including what’s being taught in public schools.

And at Willie Nelson’s annual food fun and music shindig in Luck, Texas, there’s something extra special on the menu: The Standard’s Kristen Cabrera has more on the Indigenous food on the table.

Seratones: “High” (Luck Reunion Pop-Up)

A lot of anniversaries follow somewhat of a sequence along a rule of fives; after the first one’s done, you make sure the fifth year’s a big blowout…and by ten it’s typically amplified even more. For Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion, their ten-year anniversary this past March was an absolute blast, thanks in no small part to an expansive, diverse lineup that included Shreveport soul-rock outfit Seratones. Founded in 2013, this ferocious five-piece celebrates their first decade together next year, but with an abundance of inspiration and material, avoided a purely commemorative release in favor of their third full-length Love & Algorhythms. Love & Algorhythms dropped last Friday and includes the full-band studio rendition of the track below. But in a reversal of that one-to-five escalation, the acoustic pop-up version of “High” focuses solely on the quintet’s frontwoman A.J. Haynes, who’s accompanied only by a super slick Fort Lonesome suit. Its earnestness and intimacy will no doubt lift your spirits, and have you looking forward to another decade of great Seratones.

Sea Moya – Hash Hash

This week we hear the tale of a young musician who followed his dreams of success abroad but accidentally trafficked drugs across international borders instead.

Inspired German electrofunk Afrobeat trio, Sea Moya, slips their hooky jam right into your back pocket only to find it’s been there the whole time.

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