Low Light

Lunar Gold: “Low Light”

Even though it’ll always be a nightly main attraction, the moon’s also been a hot topic thanks to recent international missions, both successes or failures. But of course, for every state-funded effort, there’s a private space venture in the hands of a billionaire. Which begs a question. Once corporations capitalize the moon, how much of its resources will be scavenged for profit?

We can only speculate about what prized minerals will define the next era of mining, so for now, let’s just focus on Lunar Gold. An endeavor captained by Austin singer-guitarist Jason Morris, Lunar Gold specializes in a dark ambient sound that captures the emptiness of outer space and the loneliness of a largely-untouched surface, whose distant glow ironically affords Earthlings some comfort among the cosmos. Lunar Gold’s still-slim online discography is split between Bandcamp and Spotify, but as we learned with last week’s super moon, good things come to those who wait.

Case in point, ahead of a live set 11PM next Saturday at Stubb’s indoors (with free admission to anyone holding a Local Natives wristband), Lunar Gold’s gifted us the luminous new single “Low Light”. “Low Light” effortlessly passes through rocky phases of prog and psych thanks to Morris’ glorious, reverb-glazed falsetto and his backing quartet’s unified precision despite a challenging, zero-gravity tempo. It’s a dimmer glimmer that beats the hell out of this treacherous Texas sunshine and gives a whole new meaning to moonglow. So rather than let the remainder of the work week eclipse your prospects for next weekend, fade your troubles away in just under five minutes with “Low Light”.