Live Slow Die Wise

Geoffroy: “Strangers On a Train”

Although Valentine’s Day is filled with Hallmark moments and sweet nothings for couples across the globe, many prefer to ditch those saccharine stereotypes and instead celebrate the date by…well…treating it like any other. Montreal multi-instrumentalist Geoffroy probably falls in that latter category, considering theephemeral energy and active conscientiousness imprinted across his new album Live Slow Die Wise. Geoffroy put his mindset to music in the early isolation days of COVID-19, and brought Live Slow Die Wise to life with the help of producer Louis-Jean Cormier. Geoffroy’s already on the road for across-Canada tour in support of the album and is set to release an accompanying performance film Live Slow Die Wise in Mexico next week. Those sentiments of travel and reflection aside, Geoffroy’s sure to make you cozy regardless of your relationship status with “Strangers On a Train”.