Live 95

Mega Ran: “Live 95 (Basketball Diaries)”

Since the genre’s earliest days there’s been a fruitful relationship between hip hop music and basketball, a legacy that’s soon set to continue with Philadelphia’s Mega Ran. The rapper’s dressing out for the NBA’s 75th season with his upcoming 11th album, Live 95, a loving tribute to this unique intersectionality of sports, music, and urban life that features some of Mega Ran’s finest verbal athleticism to date.

Live 95 struts onto the court next Friday and Mega Ran celebrates with a scrimmage next Tuesday at Empire Control Room, where we’re pretty sure he’s only going to be shooting threes with no unnecessary dribbling. So score some extra hoops this hump day with the title track’s just-released music video, “Live ’95 (Basketball Diaries)”!