Leave The Light On

Pillow Queens: “Be By Your Side”

Happy St. Patty’s Day! If you’re looking to celebrate with some contemporary but authentically-Irish live music, let Pillow Queens guide you into their court. The Dublin quartet dropped their debut EP Calm Girls in 2016 and have since captivated fans across the globe with a harmonic iteration of indie rock that cushions between punk and pop, while lyrically exploring the dissonance of queerness in a Catholic nation.

Pillow Queens are set to release their sophomore full-length Leave The Light On in April and have already teased out three of its ten tracks as singles. They had a double header for SXSW on Tuesday, play midnight tonight at Velveeta Room’s ‘Music From Ireland’ showcase, and perform 11:20pm tomorrow for the Royal Mt. Showcase at Valhalla. Even if you can’t see ’em for South By, you only have to wait a couple weeks for Leave The Light On (out April 1st). Either way, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the band’s discography, toss some tunes in your heavy rotation playlist, and let Pillow Queens “Be By Your Side”.