Kydd Jones

ATX Hip-Hop vs. the Media

Confucius and Fresh discuss the comments that Kydd Jones made on Fresh’s show New Fresh City about his reservations about people who write about hip-hop in Austin. Then, inspired by a recent article in Billboard,   they talk about the future of pop stardom.

You’ll learn Hip-Hop Facts about the connection between Angie Lopez and  Biggie’s “Ten Crack Commandments,” who signed 98 Degrees to Motown, why Prodigy and C-Murder got taken off the final version of the remix of M.O.P’s “Ante Up” and more.

Fresh States the Unpopular Opinion that Metro Boomin makes way better albums than DJ Khaled.

Confucius talks about how High School Musical’s Troy and Gabriella are in couples therapy, what it’s like to live under the Texas heat dome, and Donald Trump’s latest indictment in Confucius Reads the News.


Kydd Jones: “TV On”

As our hip-hop specialty program The Breaks celebrates five years on the air, we can’t help but give extra kudos to one of the shows’ main staples, Austin renaissance man Kydd Jones. On top of his never-ending drive in the hip-hop R&B realm, be it producing, writing, singing, or rapping, Jones has been dipping his feet into fashion and comedy (with a show at Antone’s next Thursday). Mayor Steve Adler even named Jones a Creative Ambassador in 2019 but it’s safe to say the distinction hasn’t gone to his head or slowed down his production flow. Kydd Jones just celebrated the release of his latest LP, Onyx D’or (No More Waiting), a towering sixteen-song collection that shifts from unapologetic club bangers to headier serenades like “TV On” with the drop of a hat. And when you’ve heard the record in full, catch Kydd Jones at the tail end ofLove Austin Music Month on Saturday January 29th with UGK legend Bun B at Antone’s.

The Breaks: The Weekend vs Usher + Tory Lanez

This week on The Breaks, Confucius and Fresh:

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