Kevin Brady

Texas Standard: December 9, 2021

Survey says: Governor Abbott with a double digit lead against his best-known democratic challenger in the governor’s race. We’ll take a look behind the numbers with the Houston Chronicle’s Jeremy Wallace. Also, allegations of sexual abuse and assault against federal judges and what investigative reporter and author Lise Olson discovered about a code of silence that has protected them. Plus a huge body of water in the desert…though it’s no mirage, you don’t want to swim in it, either. Those stories and much more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: February 11, 2019

Four days and counting: with a new deadline looming in a shutdown showdown over the border wall, the president arrives in El Paso. We’ll take a look at what this means. Also, a week after Texas Catholic Diocese release lists of what the church calls credibly accused clergy, a new investigation by the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express News reports on an abuse of faith in the southern Baptist denomination. We’ll talk with the reporters. Also, an attempt to protect a spot in Texas with one of the most pristine skies on the planet. All those stories and a whole lot more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: November 10, 2015

Did the President’s own words help his deferred deportation plan get dumped? Immigration and executive power. Coming up a conversation with the Texan who’s just taken the reigns of the most powerful committee the us house -we’ll hear how Paul Ryan’s successor plans to wield his gavel. Also the state with the greenest power grid in the union…now serving free electricity? And remember the Alamo? some New Jerseyans fear that you might not. And so they’ve written a theme song to remind one and all. Plus the high crime of jaywalking and much more…check your watches..its Texas Standard time: