Johnny Hodges

Johnny Hodges (7.27.14)

Johnny Hodges was an American jazz alto saxophonist best known for his work with Duke Ellington’s big band and Billy Strayhorn. His sound was so smooth and melodic that Duke Ellington said, just his tone could bring a tear to your eye.

In this installment of Liner Notes Rabbi and jazz historian Neil Blumofe talks about what it means to add your voice to an ensemble, and to know that no matter how big of an impression you make it is but a blink of an eye in the cosmic landscape.

What does it mean to be everything and nothing at all? How do we negotiate our place in this universe, holding at the same time the grandeur and insignificance of each moment? Listening to Johnny Hodges we can understand how important it is to give all we have to making of each piece, and know that it is not the same without us and that we are nothing without it.