John Burnett

V&B – Undocumented, Illegal, Unauthorized: Immigration and Trump’s America

NPR’s John Burnett guest hosts this discussion along with Joy Diaz of The Texas Standard, UT Law professor Denise Gilman, and ACC Student and “Dreamer” Cynthia Zapata, to talk about the past, present, and future of immigration in America.

Recorded Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 at the Cactus Cafe in Austin, Texas.

Texas Standard: December 7, 2015

The oval office: when used as a bully pulpit, often signaling a turning point. Was last nights message such a moment? We’ll explore. Plus why has Texas become a hotbed for anti-Islamic rhetoric? NPR’s John Burnett joins us to talk about his new investigation. And border Crossings by unaccompanied minors on the rise once more- we’ll visit the source: El Salvador. Also a puzzling trend: lock yourselves in a room and try to escape. And Texas is front and center this week before the nation’s highest court…we’ll have a preview…plus much more making news today on the Texas Standard:

V&B: Katrina – 10 Years After

In this episode of Views & Brews, KUT’s Rebecca McInroy joins NPR’s John Burnett, former Austin Mayor Will Wynn, Dr. Eric Tang and Dr. Shirley Thompson author of “Exiles at Home: The Struggle to Become American in Creole New Orleans”, to discuss the storm, before and after, and the harsh realities of inequality the deluge washed up.

V&B: The New Pornography of Violence

It’s not an easy discussion, but rather a necessary one. Pornography of Violence refers to the depiction of violent behavior—as in pictures, still or video—in a sensational manner so as to arouse excitement, or a quick intense emotional reaction. During our conversation with NPR’s  John Burnett  and Pulitzer prize winning author and screenwriter Lawrence Wright , we discuss the exponential increase in the violent imagery of war, from Al Queda to Los Zetas, and what impact it has on our idea of war and peace.