It's All Gonna Change (For the Better)

The Reverend Shawn Amos: “It’s All Gonna Change (For the Better)”

Search “reverend” on any streaming platform and you’ll see just how many clergy folk make the most out of their musical passion – and not just in the world of gospel. You’ve got Al Green, Gary Davis, hell we’ll even throw Horton Heat in there. Here in Austin? We don’t get on our knees and pray, because The Reverend Shawn Amos makes us want to get on the dance floor and slay.

Born in the Big Apple to a nightclub singer and a talent agent turned cookie mogul, Amos has been releasing records for nearly three decades – and as “The Reverend” for ten years now. Throughout, his sonic proselytizing through blues, soul, and roots has converted casual listeners into hardcore fans, made clear by Amos’ collective millions of streams. And following the release of last October’s “Revelation” and February’s “Back to the Beginning”, the good Reverend is getting settled into his next set of sermons.

That’s right, the anticipation for Soul Brother No. 1 (out May 3rd) has been building up for months now. The album stacks ten tracks – nine originals and a Sly Stone cover – which we only mention because the LP’s latest, “It’s All Gonna Change (For the Better)” boasts major Family Stone energy, wailing organ, wah guitar, brazen vocals, optimistic outlook and all. To best soak up this groove, we recommend checking out its succulent music video, one that captures that earthly essence of fluid transformation in a really fascinating and satisfying way.