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Hot Mustard: “Jerkwater Strut”

Although everyone’s spice tolerance is a little bit different, I think we can all agree that hot mustard hits a lot harder than the plain old yellow stuff. Enter South Carolina duo Hot Mustard – multimedia producer and guitarist Jack Powell and bassist Nick Carusos – whose tangy instrumentals pack golden age funk-soul flavors, hints of ’90s hip-hop, and a taste of true Brooklyn barbecue thanks to Big Brass Beats.

Right around the same time Oktoberfest influences our collective pretzel intake, Hot Mustard is set to serve up a delectable debut, Mother Sauce (out September 3rd), a ten-piece course that’s sure to sate any instrumental cravings. Today Hot Mustard pulls up to the Memorial Day BBQ fashionably late with Mother Sauce‘s first sample, that along with an animated music video that’d make Terry Gilliam giggle, will keep you cool and confident wherever you need to flaunt your “Jerkwater Strut”!