Texas Standard: August 27, 2018

Nearly a million Texans without representation in the Texas Legislature? Why is the governor refusing to call an election for a soon to open seat?

Amid concerns over sexual misconduct on campus, Texas A&M promises to overhaul how it handles complaints. We’ll take a closer look.

Also, exactly one year after the storm, Houston approves a bond referendum to help it deal with the next Hurricane Harvey- and why much, much more might be needed to fix its reservoirs.

Reversal of an EPA rule designed to push renewable energy. What does it mean for Texas?

And the seasonal superstition seizing many in the Rio Grande Valley. What is the canicula?

Texas Standard: August 20, 2018

Hurricane Harvey broke almost every record. What it failed to break: a certain spirit. A year after Harvey’s landfall we’re live from the gulf coast today on the Texas Standard.

Coming to you live from Rockport- the first Texas town to be hit by Hurricane Harvey when it made landfall August 25th 2017.

It was a category 4, causing damage estimated at 125 billion dollars. After Hurricane Katrina, the costliest natural disaster in US history. At its peak, a third of Houston was underwater 39,000 people were forced from their homes into shelters. And though in many ways recovery has been remarkable, the pain and the scars still show. Today we revisit Hurricane Harvey one year on.

Texas Standard: April 13, 2018

Though you may have heard about James Comey’s book, have you heard how the president may be planning to fire back? The scoop on Scooter today on the Texas Standard.

Long before President Trump claimed to be the target of a witch hunt, the ally of a powerful Texan complained he too was the target of one. Why Dick Cheney’s onetime teammate Scooter Libby is making headlines.

Also, you’ve heard of the calm before the storm, what about the storm that follows the storm? Why Texas lawmakers are worried about economic blowback post-Harvey.

And one of the best known actors in Hollywood keeps his heart and his home in Texas. Matthew McConaughey talks about Wooderson, guns and the samurai way.

Texas Standard: March 2, 2018

With primary day fast approaching, reporters reading the Texas political tea leaves are seeing more blue. Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post joins us today on the Standard.

Southeast Texans remember trying to get around during hurricane Harvey. Doesn’t have to be a storm that big, sometimes heavy downpours make Texas roads impassable, but you don’t know know about it until it’s too late–now there may be a fix in the works.

A growing scandal over college basketball players accepting money- and a proposal to fix it that’s getting a lot more attention: What about letting them accept the money?

Plus the week in Texas politics with the Texas Tribune and and much more.

Texas Standard: November 21, 2017

The Governor offers $20,000 for information about an attack on border agents. But questions remain–was it really an attack? The story today on the Texas Standard.

What we know, and don’t know about the death of a US border agent near Van Horn.

Also, a John Doe, kicked out of the University of Texas for sexual assault–reinstated—at least for now. We’ll ask why.

For the second time in a row, a Mexican-American studies text is rejected by state officials…no ethnic studies classes? Not exactly. we’ll hear more…

Home for the holidays? Not in parts of southeast Texas–Harvey’s homeless three months on….
Those stories and much more today on the Texas Standard

Texas Standard: September 1, 2017

As cleanup crews converge on Houston, just a bit to the east its still very much rescue mode. From the heart of the Golden Triangle, this is the Texas Standard.

82,000 homes damaged across Texas.
Harvey’s gone but it left Beaumont and Orange virtual islands…and emergencies in both cities as a military task force turns a big part of its resources to east Texas.

Water water everywhere? Not a drop to drink where we are. Nothing from the tap. Bottled water long gone…
Another growing shortage: gasoline. Rescuers say they’re running low, travelers stalled along backed up roads are running out. But the problem’s not one of supply.

Texas Standard: August 31, 2017

As waters recede, the death toll rises in the aftermath of Harvey- and fears grow of more grim discoveries. Today, from the gulf coast, this is the Texas Standard.

Coming up, the latest on rescue and recovery efforts in the states largest metropolitan area, plus, explosions reported at a flooded-out chemical plant northeast of Houston.

As the biggest rainstorm in the history of the US mainland makes it way well beyond our borders, Governor Abbott announces the worst is not over for southeast Texas.

Also, an important ruling on the eve of the so-called sanctuary city bill.

We’re live from the Galveston County Daily News. And no matter where you are, It’s Texas Standard time.

Texas Standard: August 30, 2017

Roadsigns down, trees uprooted, power and food in short supply- but on the horizon, unmistakable signs of hope. The road to recovery, today on the Texas Standard

As Tropical Storm Harvey moves northeast dumping torrential rain on the golden triangle and the Texas / Louisiana border, recovery eforts kick into gear further south. Today we’re broadcasting live from the Corpus Christi area – where Harvey first made landfall a few miles north of us: destruction so severe, there’s still a curfew in place.
We’ll hear how the area’s trying to move forward…and what’s still needed.

Also, a warning on filing insurance claims and why “500 year” floods are more frequent than the name suggests.
We’re live from the coastal bend and it’s Texas Standard time.