Homeland Security

Texas frackers are going electric – but can the grid handle it?

With a push from Texas Republicans, the U.S. House moves a step closer toward a vote to impeach the head of Homeland Security.

Amid a shortage of teachers statewide, a move in Dallas to get more men of color in the classroom.

In the Texas oilfields, how a push for greener drilling has some worried about the effects on the power grid.

A browser update for the ages? Why new features in Google Chrome have one tech writer warning of the end of the human internet.

And Temu takeover? Why U.S. giants like Amazon and Walmart are rethinking their strategies as a China-based retailer turns up the heat.

Texas Standard: July 10, 2015

How hot is too hot for the US Constitution? 150 degrees, perhaps? A new ruling may turn up the heat on Texas prison officials, that’s today on the Texas standard.
A Brownsville judge tells the head of homeland security and four other immigration officials to come to his south Texas courtroom, or face contempt charges. We’ll explore why and what’s at really at stake.
How’s business after the epic biker battle in Waco? You might be surprised- we were. Also, why Texans aren’t giving up on love even as they get older…Those stories, the week in politics, and much more…

Texas Standard: July 3, 2015

Efforts to step up awareness of possible threats on this 4th of July weekend…just how serious are security concerns? We’ll explore today on the Texas Standard. Nearly 800 million dollars coming to Texas to compensate for the worst oil disaster in history. But how’s that cash gonna be used? And who’s minding the money? Also, a safety net for shale drillers set to expire and a warning about the economic implications.
NPR’s John Burnett joins us to preview his new series on a hush hush crackdown on corruption in South Texas. Plus, the week in Texas politics, your holiday must do list and lots more.