Texas Standard: February 10, 2016

Within its boundaries, its big red. But in the Presidential race, it may be all about the blues. The lone star factor in 2016, we’ll explore. Also when it comes to the latino vote in Texas in 2016, which party benefits most? Are you sure about that? Plus, cookie wars. why some might not be buying what girl scouts are selling this year. Also an experiment in children’s health care: take two of these and Skype me in the morning. And before there was Facebook, the place small town texans would gather. Hint: you might find a blizzard there. Those stories and much more on todays Texas Standard:

June 17, 2017

Big Bad Bill? Not so much, but as hurricane season gets underway, there’s a new warning about the trillion dollar price tag. Texas leads the nation in prison sexual assault. But of the hundreds of reported cases of prison workers preying on inmates…only 9 have been sentenced to serve time. Also, the story of one man who becomes the de facto father for scores of homeless students. Plus the egg shortage…taking a toll on the national breakfast of Texas. Taco bout a crisis.