Texas Standard: April 16, 2018

With US missiles striking Syria over the weekend, the calculus changes for Texas’ biggest export. What does the conflict mean for the lone star state? We’ll explore. Also, a 92 year old Texas political matriarch said to be surrounded by family after an announcement that she’s now declining medical treatment. More on the former first lady Barbara Bush. Also, as the number of seniors in Texas skyrockets, a shortage of physicians to care for them. What’s next? We’ll explore. And will Democrats win the US house of representatives? NY times columnist Frank Bruni says “ask Texas”. We’ll ask Mr. Bruni just what he sees. And a second chance to see long lost moving images from the Lone Star State… the you tube of Texas? Those stories and so much more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: April 12, 2018

California and Texas may be miles apart philosophically but when it comes to troops at the border, there may be more in common that you think. The story today on the Standard

A New York Times reporter, embedded with Texas forces at the border, tells us what he’s seeing about military operations. And how this show of force is staying largely invisble to residents.

Women working as reporters tell their own stories to Texas researchers, and the findings point to physical dangers and an impact on the news. We’ll hear how and why.

And what if they threw a party, and it changed an iconic Texas city? It happened 50 years ago- and its ripples are still felt today. Those stories and much more, we’re just getting started.