“We’re fighting for a worldview. We’re fighting for a different version of what it means to be human on the planet. We’re fighting for a different version of what just relations look like between the human and non-human world.” –Julian Aguon

Guam is the secret ingredient for our conversation with indigenous human rights lawyer and author of The Properties of Perpetual Light, Julian Aguon.

In his book, Aguon takes us on a dreamlike journey past the horrors and indignation of his colonized home to illuminate the beauty, the generative ecosystem, and indigenous knowledge that can quite literally be the perpetual light that guides the way to a sustainable future.

Hosts Raj Patel, Tom Philpott, and Rebecca McInroy talk with Aguon about Guam’s unique history, ecology, and food, and about how we all must come together now to reshape what is possible.

Auntie’s Bookstore in Spokane, WA is hosting a conversation with Julian Aguon and Tommy Orange, author of There There Thursday, July 22nd at 7 pm PT.

Register here for this free event:–rHiXv09q0v-nrL2




Texas Standard: August 15, 2017

Did someone just blink? What a North Korean announcement may or may not tell us about how to deal with a dictator. Also, submarined in the fury over Charlottesville, two major protests in South Texas: the biggest yet against the border wall. But a reporter who was there says it wasn’t just about a wall, we’ll hear more. Plus the Texas Central rail teams up with two big companies to get on with building the bullet train. So is it full speed ahead? We’ll check the brakes. And in what some are calling a post-factual world, can we talk? How to have a meaningful political conversation when you’re not on the same page. Those stories and a whole lot more today on the Texas Standard: