Greg Casar

KUT Morning Newscast for February 14, 2024

Central Texas top stories for February 14, 2024. Car crashed into St. David’s North Austin Medical Center last night. Congressman Greg Casar is filing a bill to further connect Texas to neighboring power grids. Hays county election integrity group. The Austin Convention Center facelift.

What we know about Ken Paxton’s upcoming impeachment trial

The Department of Justice has sued the State of Texas over its floating border barrier near Eagle Pass, alleging Texas doesn’t have the authority to place barriers in the Rio Grande. Gov. Greg Abbott’s reply? “See you in court.”

Sergio Martínez-Beltrán of the Texas Newsroom brings us the latest developments in Ken Paxton’s upcoming impeachment trial.

Congressman Greg Casar is calling for federal regulations to protect workers against heat-related illness in light of state law that will undo local rules starting Sept. 1.

And why a goat that went missing from a livestock show has captured the imagination of lots of folks in the Rio Grande Valley.

KUT Morning Newscast for July 25, 2023

Central Texas top stories for July 25, 2023. Texas congressman urges better OSHA protections for heat. Austin Community College finds new Chancellor. Fire conditions spread.

Texas Standard: May 8, 2019

Austin’s the largest city in the U.S. without a public defenders office, but that may be about to change. We’ll look at why the push and what it means. Also, we’ll meet the Texas doctor developing replacement internal organs using 3d printers. And delays for trucks trying to cross the border, the U.S. and Texas in particular stand to pay a high price. And is Austin the first city in the south with a paid sick leave policy? A politifact check that could get contentious and so much more today on the Texas Standard: