Texas Standard: December 12, 2017

As the Weinstein effect hits Washington, a Texas congressman still standing despite growing allegations, we’ll explore. Also, filing deadline comes for what could be a watershed midterm election season. Bob Gee of the Austin American Statesman boils things down to 5 races to watch in 2018. And the Texas wind power revolution: causing a stir for property owners. Are you sure who owns the wind above your land? And in the dust bowl days it was hailed as a savior for ranchers. Now, they’re branding it a scourge. The zombie grass taking over south Texas and beyond. Those stories and lots more today on the Texas Standard:

July 10, 2015

We gave them 140 days to make a difference in the lives of Texans. What got done, what didn’t and what it means for you on this special edition of the Texas Standard.
This hour, we’re teaming up with the Texas Tribune to take on a story that affects nearly 27 million of us who’ll have to live with the decisions of the 181 people who represent us. On the table before the 84th Texas legislature: schools.The Environment Energy. Health care. and much more…But as lawmakers leave Austin, what are we left with? Guns, Grass, Oil and Gas, deconstructing the 84th legislative session, a collaboration with the Texas Tribune today on the Texas Standard.