Good Looks

Good Looks: “Broken Body”

Remember our May 2022 Artist of the Month Good Looks? Well, despite a Bummer Year tour-skewing injury for lead guitarist Jake Ames – who’s also taken some time out to foster his other project The Stacks – this jangly four-piece is still going strong. Rumor has it the Austin quartet’s got a slew of new tunes for us coming in the near future, and more concretely than that, they’ll be spending the rest of July on the road.

Yes, after a “ciao for now” appearance at The Long Center last Thursday, Good Looks will be gigging across the nation and spreading their version of the Austin sound in cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Cincinnati, New Orleans, and beyond. But you don’t have to trek up to one of their dozen-plus summer tour stops nor wait ’til their Labor Day homecoming to get a glimpse at Good Looks’ latest piece of bittersweet indie rock gloom.

Released earlier this morning, “Broken Body” flexes Good Looks’ signature cynical and purposefully-semi-deflated sound from its very first downbeat. What starts as a spited reflection on flawed humanity and faith fizzles into a gorgeously introspective chorus, whose dreamy chord changes underline a decade-and-a-half of lost time on behalf of Tyler Jordan. Anecdotal apparitions of oak trees, dry creeks, and dragonflies provide a picturesque portrait to poignant memories of a friend’s family member before another chorus and a soft sigh of a final note, all bookended by Ames’ heavily distorted guitar and the band’s dynamic ability to perform as one. “Broken Body” definitely shares Bummer Year‘s skeletal structure and keeps Good Looks’ high caliber of tastes in good shape, which on top of our ATX love, will hopefully keep Good Looks’ path far from dark on their way back home.

Good Looks: “Walker Lake”

As promised, we’re perusing a whole new batch of Austin ACL acts for you to enjoy during Weekend Two, continuing today with indie four-piece Good Looks. We named Good Looks as our May 2022 Artist of the Month right around the release of their landmark debut LP Bummer Year. But despite the seven-song’s title, and an accident that could’ve gone much worse, Good Looks has spent 2022 proving they’re an airtight, need-to-see live act. As such, best pressed to catch Good Looks at Austin City Limits 1PM this Saturday at the Tito’s Handmade Vodka Stage. Expect to hear Bummer Year in its entirety, and relish in the Barton Springs-adjacent atmosphere with infectious indie inlets like “Walker Lake”.

Texas Standard: August 5, 2022

Monkeypox declared a public health emergency nationwide. We’ll talk with the state epidemiologist about what Texans need to know. Other stories we’re covering: after the Dobbs decision, more than 100 military installations in states where abortion is now banned. What this means for service members seeking abortion care. And as temps hover in the triple digits across much of Texas, the new season of a podcast examines whether the power grid can stand the strain. Mose Buchele, host of the disconnect, joins us. And a Texas based band garnering international attention for its Texas-themed tales of a “Bummer Year”. A conversation with the frontman of the band Good Looks and more today on the Texas Standard:

Good Looks: “Vision Boards”

With South By South West 2022 just a month away, the “must-see” previews are beginning to pop out. And if you’re the type that prefers to soak up as much Austin music as possible during SX, you’ll want to check out the Keeled Scales official showcase on March 17th at Cheer Up Charlie’s. Among the roster of great talent on the bill that includes Sun June, Katy Kirby, and Lunar Vacation is indie four-piece Good Looks, founded by South Texas singer-guitarist Tyler Jordan after a bold stint of 6th Street busking.

These poltically-minded Replacements-esque rockers enlisted producer Dan Duszynski (who’s worked with KUTX favorites Cross Record, Jess Williamson, and Loma) to help realize Good Looks’ debut album, Bummer Year, out April 8th. Good Looks is currently taking the record on the road for the Midwest leg of a two-part national tour. So if you like arid indie rock atmospheres and a healthy amount of tongue-in-cheek lyrics, make some room in your collection for Bummer Year and its head-bobbin’, “yeah”-inducing sophomore single, “Vision Boards“!