Golden Hornet

Golden Hornet: “Army Ants”

Bugs…they’re super weird! They’re everywhere, they’re ancient, their appearance is alien and for every beautiful-looking specimen there’s an equal and opposite that makes us feel icky. And if there’s anyone up to the massive task of adapting…bugs to an aural experience, it’s Golden Hornet, and not just because they have a bug in their name.

No, this Austin-based string-heavy endeavor spearheaded by Artistic Director Graham Reynolds has never really been bound by the rules of conventional composition; instead Golden Hornet stings with unbridled variety and adventurous arrangements, no matter what genres they’re crossbreeding with. And the latest from Golden Hornet finds Reynolds uniting with ex-Kronos Quartet cellist Jeffrey Zeigler and renowned percussionist Susie Ibarra to create INSECTUM, a nine-song collection as eclectic as the specimens they interpret.

INSECTUM is avant-garde down to a microscopic level, and far from the most accessible thing you’ll hear all year. So if you’ve been bit by the bizarre music bug, support our classical-curating colleagues and march on over to the Draylen Mason Music Studio 7PM this Thursday for KMFA’s Offbeat series. We guarantee it’ll be a life changing concert, and not in a nightmarish Kafka-esque way. Just crank up the volume, zone out, and lose your mind to INSECTUM‘s penultimate offering “Army Ants” and you’ll hear exactly what we mean.

Golden Hornet: “Bless Isomer”

Although we’ve had clearly defined political boundaries since 1836, there’s still an inseparable culture between Texas and Mexico. Whether you call it Tejano or Texican, it’s a give-and-take social process within which Austin’s Graham Reynolds has found a golden opportunity. Graham and the Golden Hornet team have already applied rock production techniques to classical arrangements and recordings for decades, but their latest endeavor, MXTX: A Cross-Border Exchange might be their biggest idea yet; MXTX features forty different artists, twenty Composers and twenty DJ-Producers, half from Mexico, half from Texas. What started with building up an open source audio sample library has finally finished with the fourteen trailblazing tracks of MXTX, but apparently these pocket symphonies aren’t a studio-exclusive experience. MXTX makes its live concert debut 8PM tomorrow night at Waterloo Park as part of Fusebox Festival and Frida Friday ATX. The event is free and open to the public, with plenty to see and hear from 4PM all the way until 10PM, so join in with the rest of Golden Hornet’s collective nest tomorrow at Waterloo and cross the border out of the work week with “Bless Isomer”.