Geoff Bradford

Geoff Bradford: “UFOs”

Although our neighbors in New Mexico get a lot of alien-centric attention thanks to Roswell, the mystique of the “Marfa Lights” has made Texas a destination for extraterrestrial enthusiasts. And when it comes to “visitors” here on Earth, singer-bassist Geoff Bradford definitely qualifies; with a youth divided between New York City, Western Europe, West Africa, and South America and an ongoing love of travel, Bradford has a knack for making contact. Here in Austin he’s begun to make a name for himself with his eponymous songwriter project, having released his first two EPs, Texas Psychedelic and Seven Fat Years, in 2021. Geoff Bradford broadcasts his otherworldly talent once again on his upcoming third EP, where he’ll keep psychedelia close at hand while exploring depths away from his standard jazz-pop formulas. You can encounter Bradford 7:30pm next Wednesday at Sahara Lounge and 5:30pm the following Monday at Central Market North Lamar, so treat Geoff Bradford’s latest single like with the monolith from 2001, and let the banging beats and ominous spoken word of “UFOs” catapult you into the stratosphere.

Geoff Bradford: “Texas Psychedelic”

When it comes to chasing your musical aspirations, you can never be too settled down to drop your dreams. That clearly rings true for New York-born singer-multi-instrumentalist Geoff Bradford, who, after sating his international wanderlust, starting a family in Pennsylvania, and having his kids grow up, moved down to Austin. Bradford began performing on bass for a couple local outfits but soon a long-burning desire to write his own songs overtook him, eventually leading to his five-song debut EP, Texas Psychedelic, released in mid-February.

Faithful to its name, Texas Psychedelic totes the pop idiosyncrasies of the Lone Star State while dipping listeners into acid-soaked aesthetics, perhaps best heard on the album’s yacht-rock-adjacent title track!