#Gay Rights

KUT Morning Newscast for June 23, 2023

Central Texas top stories for June 23, 2023. City of Austin budget planning. Possible hate crime investigation of killing in Cedar Park. DPS returns to patrol Austin.

What’s the story behind the abandoned house by Dell Medical School?

One of the oldest homes still standing in Austin was once known as The Chateau. Its residents hosted legendary parties that were often safe spaces for gay people in the 1960s and ‘70s. Today, the home is boarded up — but there’s a new effort brewing to ensure it’s preserved.

Texas Standard: November 25, 2022

Had your fill yet? No need to loosen the belt…we’re serving up something different today. As many Texans dash about in search of gift-giving deals on this Friday, we’ve made out a list of some of our favorite books this past year. From tales of trailblazing women clearing the way for the final frontier of space to an examination of re-wilding as a way to get back to a balance with nature and make cities more livable. A memoir from a music superstar and the hidden histories of gay power in high places. Just a few of the reading selections we’ve been perusing today on the Texas Standard:


Texas Standard: March 4, 2016

In a messy political season a war of words dominates the front pages–as a war in real life simmers half a world away. The cost for Texas, today on the Texas Standard.

It’s being called a watershed moment in the American conservative movement—as a top gathering of conservatives embraces a gay rights group.

Crosses on cop cars in Texas: how does that square with, you know, the constitution?

Also, tips for Texas musicians, how do you get your music played on the radio, anyway?

Plus, the week in politics and much more – no matter where you are, it’s Texas Standard time.