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This Song: Superfónicos

As the singer and Gaita player for the Austin based Afro Columbian band Superfónicos, Jaime Ospina often finds musical inspiration in some pretty interesting places. In this episode, Jaime talks about his love for Gary Clark Jr’s song “When My Train Pulls In” and how the Blues Brothers soundtrack pushed him to discover roots music from his own country. Plus, he tells us how African American music can help us all survive and thrive in an increasingly chaotic world.

📸 Gabriel Perez

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This Song: Leon Bridges // Gary Clark Jr.

We’ve hit a milestone – 50 episodes!  We are officially middle aged! To celebrate we’ve taken two previously-aired interviews from Leon Bridges  and Gary Clark Jr. and put them together to draw a direct line of influence from one artist to another. Leon Bridges explains how hearing a Gary Clark Jr. song inspired him to pursue music, and then Gary Clark Jr. describes the impact of Tupac’s “Krazy.” Expect an “epic flow chart of inspiration” sometime in the future.

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This Song: Leon Bridges // Cory Reinisch and Dustin Meyer of Harvest Thieves

In this episode of “This Song” Leon Bridges sits down with Art Levy and explains how hearing Gary Clark Jr’s  “Bright Lights” changed everything for him. Then Cory Reinisch and Dustin Meyer from Harvest Thieves talk about how Uncle Tupelo, Led Zeppelin and the Weary Boys showed them the importance of the song and that country and rock and roll need not be separated.

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