Sneaky Peaches and the Fuzz: “Footsteps”

When your debut single harvests one-and-a-half million streams on Spotify, you must be doing something right. Take for example Austin trio Sneaky Peaches and the Fuzz, whose hook-driven drupes have catapulted them into international indie pop recognition. These surreptitious freestones are all still college-age, but clearly each member’s got a lot of talent within their creative pits. Sneaky Peaches and the Fuzz have four shows coming up this month, Thursday, April 28th at Far Out Lounge, Sunday the 24th at the Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown, Easter Sunday at Spiderhouse, Friday the 15th at Hudson’s in Dripping Springs, and this Saturday at Planet Rock. So just like the Kim family in Parasite, make the most out of Sneaky Peaches and the Fuzz as they continue to leave their indie pop imprint with standalone singles like “Footsteps”!