Sasha and the Valentines: “Flower” (KUTX Pop-Up)

Deftly blending the conventions of mid-century pop with contemporary elements of indie and more, Austin quintet Sasha and the Valentines has won us over one moody composition at a time. Our May 2021 Artist of the Month might’ve missed out on an all-too-fitting release date mid-February for their debut full-length, but having finally issued So You Think You’ve Found Love? in April, we can’t knock the five-piece for letting the record marinate into perfection.

With song titles like “Tinder”, there’s no denying Sasha and the Valentine’s success in crafting a new batch of ballads made for the modern era with So You Think You’ve Found Love?. And since spring’s been a little late this year, there’s never been a better time to stop by and hear these tracks bloom in person. So check out the full two-song video set below, which includes a hypnotically stripped-down take of “Flower”!