KUT Afternoon Newscast for October 4, 2023

Central Texas top stories for October 4, 2023. Rain, cooler-than-normal weather on the way. City of Austin concerned about aging Barton Springs Rd bridge. Mayor Watson on city response to disaster. Texas advocacy groups are urging superintendents statewide to refrain from removing books from schools. Austin Public Library Banned Book Week events. Fine arts wing named for beloved educator. Busy month of weekends ahead for Austin.

Texas Standard: October 24, 2016

Your child is cured! A blistering report shows how Texas kids needing special education are getting turned away by state policies. Plus, what’s it gonna be Texas, Clinton or Trump? As polls across Texas open for early voting, what you need to be carrying…and what you need to leave back home. Also why is Texas a so-called red state, anyway? We’ll explore. And when it comes to the polls, there is a silent majority in Texas…one that can be proven by doing the math. When it comes to flexing their political muscle, what’s holding them back? All those stories and we’re just getting started, no matter where you are, it’s Texas Standard time: