Texas Standard: September 06, 2022

A democrat running for a top statewide office gets a big endorsement from a prominent Republican. Could it shake up the midterms in Texas? Other stories we’re tracking: what’s happening with home prices in Texas? Why price trends are pointing toward a return to a buyers market…with some big caveats. Plus, a study that could lead to reclaiming toxic wastewater from oil and gas production. And Peniel Joseph, author and scholar, on the Third Reconstruction. Those stories and more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: December 2, 2016

Another teenage suicide in Texas blamed on Cyberbullying. Now attention turns to David’s law. A conversation with David’s father today. Plus a second surge at the border: a catholic nun providing emergency relief there gets an audience today with Senator Cruz. We’ll hear her message to Washington. And after the protests, what then? As environmental activists calculate action in a trump era, they might want to take a tip from Texas. We’ll explain. And a new multimillion dollar stadium, a new professional baseball team, but no name until now. We’ll hear about the name from the man who came up with it. That plus the week in politics and much more…no matter where you are, its Texas Standard time: