Elizabeth King & The Gospel Souls

Elizabeth King & The Gospel Souls: “I Heard The Voice”

Last Tuesday we introduced you to Sacred Soul: The D-Vine Spirituals Records Story Vol. 1 & 2, along with a promise to share some of the bounty over the course of Black History Month. Before this compilation dropped your best bet to hear these Memphis rarities was finding low quality turntable rips on YouTube or buying the 45s yourself. But now with Sacred Soul we’re able to enjoy the sounds of ’70s gospel in as high of fidelity as when these songs were first recorded. One of the more recognizable names on Sacred Soul is Elizabeth King, who at age 77 released her full-length Living in the Last Days just last April. It’s great to see King still in command of her chops, but even more so when you pair the new stuff against her genre-defining backing band The Gospel Souls and their iconic D-Vine recordings like “I Heard The Voice”!