Deborah Roberts

Join us on the latest episode of Black Austin Matters as we have the privilege of hearing from renowned artist, Deborah Roberts. Embark on a captivating journey through her inspiring life, from her artistic training to her unwavering dedication to protecting black children through her art. Gain insight into her experiences growing up in Austin and witness the fulfillment of her dreams. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

Comma K: “Dreams” (feat. Soulbyak)

When you think of the new generation of electronic-based producers, you probably don’t think of high school and college rock bands…but alas, that’s where many cut their teeth. That’s the path Keaton Peters took shortly after picking up the guitar at age 12, all the way until he discovered his love of production once he downloaded Ableton in 2014. Peters’ newfound influences were just as much Dilla and Kanye West as they were Fleetwood Mac and Radiohead, and his 2018 solo debut Tide of the Heart toted an alt-rock sound with teases of hip-hop elements.

Peters moved from California to Austin in 2019 where he hit the ground running with his sophomore album Bloom, but like countless other creatives, the pandemic allowed him to reevaluate his course. Over those two short years Keaton Peters has catapulted himself away from his acoustic guitar and into a world of synthesizers, only re-emerging now under the new handle Comma K. In that same vein Comma K pulls a reverse Uno card on Tide of the Heart claiming pop, electronic, and hip-hop as the primary genres while incorporating mere brushes of folk and rock. Comma K promises more material for 2022, and starts off strong with his debut single, “Dreams” featuring vocals from Oakland’s SoulByak (Soul By AK). With multi-layered synths, plenty of vocal effects, and some solid inter-artist chemistry, “Dreams” has us anticipating more gold from Comma K at the end of the ellipsis.