Don't Give Up On Me Now

EXES with Luke Wild: “Girl of My Dreams”

One of the trickiest parts of pop songwriting is conveying emotion in a genuine way that’s both catchy and accessible. But for L.A. duo EXES – vocalist Allie McDonald and producer Mike Derenzo – that’s their bread and butter. Thesekindred collaborators have been creeping up into the indie pop scene since 2019 and coming off the alternative sounds heard on their EP Nothing Ever Ends, EXES is eager to explore more elements of rock on their upcoming full-length, Don’t Give Up On Me Now. Don’t Give Up On Me Now is due out February 4th, 2022, right around the same time EXES hits the road for a quick national tour. The LP’s announcement coincided with the release of its debut single (and charmingly cinematic music video) last Friday, one that’s co-written by featured singer Luke Wild but is far from a traditional love song in spite of its title, “Girl of My Dreams”.