District 24

Texas Standard: March 2, 2020

Despite big spending by the candidates in Texas including rally’s, robo calls and door to door canvassing, many Texas democrats say they’re still not sure who’ll they’ll vote for tomorrow. We’ll hear how they’re doing the political math. Plus, fear fueling a major price drop in a clash between the Texas energy industry and the coronavirus. All of that and then some today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: February 27, 2020

Democrats in the presidential race sticking around the Lone Star State to do something here they haven’t in recent election cycles: campaign. We’ll have some tips. Lots of change in Texas since the last time democratic presidential candidates fought door to door for delegates. We’ll have a primer on what not to take for granted, from our own Joy Diaz. Also, high tech to help schools track kids. And you’ve heard the expression what a difference a day makes? Saturday will mark one small leap for us all…how and why and a whole lot more today on the Texas Standard: