Texas Standard: August 6, 2021

As the Delta COVID variant spreads rapidly nationwide, what’s the big picture looking like for Texas? A new model provides some answers. That and more today on the Texas Standard.
A spike in COVID cases or something more? Researchers at the University of Texas have a better idea of the Delta variant’s trajectory- and we’ll hear what they’re projecting.
An increase in migrants and asylum seekers reaching a tipping point in McAllen as city leaders begin building shelters, calling it as matter of public safety. We’ll hear more.
And the new official Texas state fungi? No, it’s not some guy named McConaughey, we’re talking mushrooms- and a whole lot more.

Texas Standard: August 5, 2021

As front line workers warn of the spread of the Delta variant, a top Texas pediatric doctor intensifies warnings about back to school. That today on the Texas Standard.
The latest from the pediatrician in chief at Texas Children’s Hospital says 80% of new hospital admissions are COVID related. We’ll hear an update.
Also, the close of a special session brought to an early standstill. What comes next? And will anything change?
And, the threat to cutoff capitol pay- if you’ve put in the work, aren’t you entitled to the money, period? Yes. Unless there’s a loophole, and a Texas law professor says there is one. Those stories and more.

Texas Standard: August 3, 2021

A call out for more nurses to respond to a health care crisis in the coastal bend as hospital reach a critical point in caring for COVID patients. More today on the Texas Standard.
As many parts of Texas sound the alarm over the rapid spread of the Delta Variant, local officials scramble to come up with answers. We’ll hear from the judge of Nueces County issuing an all cal for nurses, and from a doctor in Temple who says she’s seeing more severe cases among pregnant women than at any time in the pandemic. Also, an effort to deal with food insecurity through food literacy. And the search for true history of the battle of Medina. All those stories and more.