Deer Fellow

Deer Fellow: “Unravel”

Indie music in Austin, Texas: there’s a lot of it. You’ve got indie rock, indie pop, a little bit of indie electronic, and my personal favorite, indie folk. And that’s strictly due to the incorporation of acoustic instruments, something Austin duo Deer Fellow excels at. Made up of violinist-pianist-vocalist Alyssa Kelly and guitarist-vocalist Matt Salois, Deer Fellow’s been grazing local grounds (and far beyond) since 2016. The pair’s always shared complementary threads of creativity, but nowadays, especially after all those years collaborating in close company, Salois’ and Kelly’s respective singular talents have become intertwined well past the point of separation. That Shining-level cross-strand connection came to a head with the release of their debut EP Words Unsaid last year and is sure to continue on their upcoming sophomore record Unraveling. Unraveling follows a successful summer tour for Deer Fellow, who are set to hot-hoof across central Texas over the next week. This four-stop stint includes appearances in Manchaca and San Antonio plus a Sofar Sounds curation in both Houston and Austin, which kicks off this Friday in the St. Elmo district. But will those shows be Deer Fellow’s only output this winter? Frayed knot. Today Deer Fellow premiered Unraveling’s lead single and title-adjacent track, “Unravel”. What begins as bare bones guitar-and-vocals seamlessly unweaves into serene strings, call-and-response countermelodies, subtle drums in just over three minutes. It’s poignantly incandescent, so fair warning: If you’re already in an emotionally fragile spot at the moment, “Unravel” might just tear you to shreds.

Deer Fellow: “Someone To Watch Over Me”

One of the main reasons why jazz is my personal favorite genre is that once you’re familiar with the Great American Songbook, you basically have a loose blueprint for how each tune’ll turn out. Sure, every rendition is different, but even when chord progressions get lost in genre translation, those classic heads still dazzle. And although streaming numbers tend to determine the “best” version for newcomers, there are countless interpretations out there that cater to tastes across the board. One of those comes to us today courtesy of Austin duo Deer Fellow. As Deer Fellow, multi-instrumentalist-vocalists Alyssa Kelly and Matt Salois have amassed an impressive herd of fans. Deer Fellow’s 2021 debut EP Words Unsaid introduced us to the pair’s versatility, purposeful production, and evolving breed of intimate indie-folk-pop. Today, they put a timeless Gershwin standard on a new set of hooves. It’s been nearly a hundred years since George & Ira Gershwin first penned “Someone To Watch Over Me”, but thanks to Deer Fellow’s innovative vision, sparse orchestral harmonies, and spacious acoustic mix, there’s enough proof that this torch song still has plenty of fuel left to burn.

Deer Fellow: “For My Sake”

Going back to their 2016 debut single “Where I’ll Be”, guitarist-vocalist Matt Salois and violinist-pianist-vocalist Alyssa Kelly have been making listeners feel all warm and fuzzy inside with their project Deer Fellow. True to their name, this Austin duo’s shown a real camaraderie with the calming powers of nature thanks to an indie-folk-pop sound slathered in delicate harmonies, purposeful chord progressions, and sentimental subject matter. With the exception of last year’s Words Unsaid EP, Deer Fellow’s also proven a real mastery over standalone singles. And on a cold day like this in Austin we could all go for some of that warm and fuzziness. Thankfully Deer Fellow’s just issued “For My Sake”, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Erik Wofford and guaranteed to heat and heal you through a chilly weekend.