Texas Standard: April 19, 2022

Many Texas homeowners stunned by the increase in property tax valuations as prices reflect a booming market. What happens next? That and more today on the Texas Standard.
Other stories we’re tracking: details of a pipeline leak that lasted only a few minutes but spewed as much methane as 16,000 cars would give off in a year. What’s known about what’s being called a “ultra-emitter” event.
Also, only days after his office set a new execution date for a Texas death row inmate, the DA in Nueces county withdraws the death warrant. We’ll talk to him and hear why the largely unexpected move.
Also, home run or serious error? Houston’s Astros embrace high tech that could be a game changer.

Texas Standard: February 23, 2018

A death sentence commuted to life in prison. We’ll talk with the Texas dad who fought to keep the state from executing his son. Today on the Texas Standard.

The firearm industry is in the news these days for possible restrictions on what can be sold. We’ll take a closer look at the business itself.

A Texas State Senator found guilty on 11 felony charges. What happens next?

Country singer Lee Ann Womack has a different sound from her “I Hope You Dance” days. We talk with her about how Texas helped shape her new album.

Plus… it’s Friday- that means another custom poem written for us on a vintage typewriter… and a wrap of the big stories this week in Texas politics.

Texas Standard: September 28, 2015

As the Supreme Court meets today to review new cases, eyes are turning to a challenge of Texas abortion restrictions. The possibilities today on the Texas Standard.
With a nationwide shortage of a death penalty drug: a lawsuit claims Texas is selling to other states. We’ll explore.
During the Pope’s US visit, did you notice the Texas accent in Vatican’s online voice? We’ll hear who was really behind the Pope’s social media presence.
Wanted: one person to help lure a butterfly back to Texas. Salary negotiable. We’ll explore the qualifications.