Ladyfang: “D C L”

Back in Summer of 2016 a quartet calling themselves A Case For Brooklyn treated the Austin area to an ear-catching original; entitled, “All Your Money”, it was a killer tryst of styles that recalled RHCP, Bj√∂rk and No Doubt, which is a pretty strong start to say the least. Yet soon after these longtime friends shed the ACFB handle in favor of something a little more ferocious…Ladyfang.

Since that switch, Ladyfang’s flourished atop unfettered feminine flamboyance and chaotic pop rock combos, sinking one infectious incisor after another into listeners old and new. This year, however, we’ll finally be getting a filled-out row from Ladyfang, courtesy of the four-piece’s upcoming self-titled full-length.

Produced by Chris “Frenchie” Smith and Brett Marcom at The Bubble, Ladyfang is guaranteed to be the group’s most coherent experience to date outside of live performances. And the proof is in the premolars! Today Ladyfang unfurled their first foray for 2023 and the eponymous LP’s second lead single. Don’t be deceived by the mellow guitar intro of “D C L”; by the 40-second mark all hell breaks loose in this masterclass of pop rock dynamics.