cold front

KUT Morning Newscast for January 17, 2024

Central Texas top stories for January 17, 2024. Another cold front is set to follow this hard freeze. What it’s like to sleep outside in the cold. Cold weather shelters remain open. Space heater safety. Student loan forgiveness.

The latest on Texas’ winter freeze

As temperatures plummet with a major cold front bearing down on the lone star state, down into the teens in many parts, we continue to monitor conditions across Texas. Eric Berge of Houston’s Space City Weather joins us with an overview, the dangers ahead, and when we can expect to thaw out from this last big chill of 2022. Also a rethink of ways to address the mental health crisis. And the week in politics with the Texas Tribune. These stories and much more today on the Texas Standard:

What this cold snap means for Texans experiencing homelessness

A last minute scramble to keep the Government funded as Texans clamber in advance of dangerously cold weather. We’ll have more on efforts to piece together a 1.7 trillion dollar spending bill; much debate centering on what’s happening at the border. Also as Texans prepare for a blast of Arctic air, we’ll speak with an official in Irving who’s been mobilizing efforts to help folks in the metroplex experiencing homelessness, who are especially vulnerable. Also a crisis among caregivers assisting Texans with disabilities. These stories and much more today on the Texas Standard:

Looming freeze has Texans eyeing power grid

Oh the weather outside is gonna get frightful, how low could temperatures go? And what should Texans do now to be prepared? All of the state expected to be affected by plummeting temperatures. We’ll check in with the Dallas Fort Worth office of the national weather service for the latest. Also a standoff between the U.S. and Mexico over corn. Most of Mexico’s corn comes from the U.S., but Mexico’s president is considering a ban, one that could have major ripple effects for both countries. Also, the latest on a newspaper strike in Fort Worth. And Michael Marks with the story of one very expensive Longhorn. All that and then some today on the Texas Standard:

KUT Afternoon Newscast for November 10, 2022

Central Texas top stories for November 10, 2022. Austin Energy. Education Austin’s influence. AISD interim superintendent leaving. Leander ISD joining recapture. Strong cold front tomorrow. Gas prices lower. 

Texas Standard: February 7, 2022

A Texas official takes on listener questions about new vote-by-mail rules. Also, the energy implications of last week’s winter storm and the lingering psychological impacts of the winter storm of 2021. Those stories and much more today on the Texas Standard:

The Weather In Texas In The Fall

The sweater you wore to work has you sweating by the end of the day. Next morning, you’re looking for a winter coat behind the tank tops in your closet. Yep, it’s November in the Lone Star State.

Evening Walk

Is it possible to manifest cooler weather? To will it into being during the long summer months in Texas? That was the inspiration for this Typewriter Rodeo poem.