Texas Standard: September 22, 2022

A priority, she says, is doing something about the disappearance of rural hospitals. So why does she want to be Texas’ next agriculture commissioner? Today, we meet Susan Hays, the democrat trying to unseat the incumbent republican. Also they used to be considered inexpensive, modest, though iconic structures. Why adobe homes in Marfa and other parts of West Texas are at the center of a political fight. And a retail store in Frisco inspires a countdown and lines to get in on opening day. Any guesses what the name of that store might be, fellow Texans? Those stories and much more coming up today on the Texas Standard:

What’s the story behind the Camino Real in Hays County?

El Camino Real de los Tejas is a National Historic Trail that traces back to before the start of Texas. The 2,600 miles stretch all the way from the Texas border to Natchitoches, Louisiana. Part of the historic trail runs right through San Marcos.