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KUT Afternoon Newscast for May 31, 2024

Central Texas top stories for May 31, 2024. The Texas Supreme Court has unanimously rejected a petition by a group of women asking the state to clarify the medical exception to its abortion laws. Attorneys general in 14 states are calling for federal intervention after Governor Greg Abbott pardoned Daniel Perry. The City of Austin is looking at how to pay for projects that help combat climate change. The City of Austin has accepted an 11-million-dollar grant from TxDOT to expand the city’s bike-share program. The City of San Marcos passed an ordinance this month banning single-use beverage containers on the river within city limits and in certain areas of city parks. Hyundai drivers can bring in their vehicles for a free anti-theft upgrade tomorrow at an Austin Police Department office.

KUT Afternoon Newscast for May 28, 2024

Central Texas top stories for May 28, 2024. Storms expected this afternoon in the Austin area. State Board of Education District 10 runoff election. The Austin City Council is working on a long-term plan to deal with the effects of climate change. A mosquito sample in Travis County has tested positive for the West Nile virus. A new plan to tackle the around 1500 miles of missing sidewalks in Austin. The Pflugerville School District is offering Spanish language interpretation at its high school graduation ceremonies. It is a busy week for Austin FC. Stassney and South 1st street intersection is getting some improvements.

The Future of Work in Texas – A Texas Standard special

Texas is changing, and so is the world. If we squint to try to look at the future job landscape, what do we see? There are more than 15 million working Texans right now, but while the state boasts steady growth and “record high levels” for jobs and the labor force, there are always unknowns on the horizon.
Among them: tech advancements and the impacts of climate change. So how will the jobs of tomorrow look different? We’re exploring all that and more today in The Future of Work in Texas.

How are global and local changes impacting the Austin Music Scene?

How is climate change impacting Austin’s Music Scene? What about skyrocketing ticket prices? Or changes in AI and tech? How are new laws in Texas affecting women and LGBTQIA+ people in the music ecosystem? These are some of the questions that hosts Miles Bloxson and Elizabeth McQueen will explore in Season 5 of Pause/Play. In the first episode, they look at how COVID has shifted some people’s relationship with live music, plus they give you a season overview.

In this episode you’ll hear from neuropsychotherapist Bella Rockman, Lawrence Boone from the Far Out Lounge and Stage, Meteorologist David Yeomans, Jammy Violet from Pelvis Wrestly, Austin musician Caleb de Caspar, Adrienne Lake from Daydream Believer Austin and Frontgate Tickets founder Mellie Price.

Tracking the unprecedented rise in ocean temperatures

Rising temperatures in the forecast this week. Will blackouts come with them? ERCOT, the state’s electric grid operator, says the power might go out this week.
Did a doctor in Houston keep patients from receiving organ transplants? His own hospital is investigating.
And becoming a psychologist is expensive, but Texas is trying to make it cheaper. Could it make mental health care more accessible too?

KUT Afternoon Newscast for March 7, 2024

Central Texas top stories for March 7, 2024. Garza gets votes from all over Austin. Austin City Council passed another climate change resolution. Only two republican incumbents won their primary race. Prosecutors and defense attorneys made their closing arguments this afternoon in a trial of two former Williamson County Sheriff’s deputies. Austin Police have announced an extended DWI no-refusal enforcement period. Stormy weather inbound.

KUT Morning Newscast for March 04, 2024

Central Texas top stories for March 04, 2024. Austin City Council is working to combat climate change with local policy. Smokehouse Creek fire update. W.C. Clark died Saturday. Firefly Aerospace. Monarch Butterfly numbers are expected to be significantly lower this year.

KUT Afternoon Newscast for February 15, 2024

Central Texas top stories for February 15, 2024. A petition to incorporate parts of Williamson County into a groundwater conservation district based out of Bell County fails. The City of Austin will spend more than $700 thousand to finalize a labor contract with Austin Police. The Austin City Council adopted a resolution to address climate change, sustainability and resiliency. The Texas Department of Health and Human Services is nearing the end of a process to re-determine Medicaid eligibility. The Pflugerville Independent School District is in the market for a new superintendent.

KUT Afternoon Newscast for February 14, 2024

Central Texas top stories for February 14, 2024. St. David’s North Austin Medical Center has resumed full operations after a car crashed through its front entrance. The University of Texas is punishing four students who participated in a pro-Palestinian protest last December. Migrant encounters along the southern border were significantly lower in January. Three big road projects in the Austin area are getting the go-ahead. December jobs report. Austin City Council is taking up a resolution addressing climate change. Uber and Lyft drivers rallied at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Longhorns basketball.

Lawmakers discuss school savings accounts

After unprecedented attacks over the weekend, Israel is at war with Hamas. Jeremi Suri of UT’s LBJ school with more on what to expect as fighting intensifies.

A big day at the state capitol as lawmakers are called back into session by the governor. On the table: school savings accounts, what critics call vouchers, that some fear will upend public school funding.

Texas mega ranches hitting the market at what appears to be a quickening pace.

Plus the would be restaurant rivals who formed what they call the Taco Mafia.

A&M researchers are working to bring ocelots back

After a swift and historic vote in the U.S. House of Representatives to oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy, we’ll hear more about the role of the Texas delegation and what comes next on Capitol Hill.

Will climate change alter Texas’ coastal community landscape? It already appears to be doing just that, says Erin Douglas of the Texas Tribune.

Texan Simone Biles has pulled off a gymnastics move so remarkable that it now carries her name.

After overhunting and creeping development, the number of breeding ocelots in the wild has tumbled to under 100 – with very few in South Texas, where they used to be plentiful. Now, researchers are working on a plan to bring the cats back.

Plus, a conversation with James C. Watkins, the 3D state artist of the year.

Summer’s Over

The last official day for summer in 2023 is Sept. 23. Though the temperatures haven’t really changed that much yet, many are embracing the early signs of fall. That was the inspiration for this Typewriter Rodeo poem.

KUT Morning Newscast for September 20, 2023

Central Texas top stories for September 20, 2023. More information on the centuries old bodies in the Oakwood Cemetery. Vote on Central Health’s budget is delayed. City of Kyle starts buying water from San Marcos.

KUT Morning Newscast for September 18, 2023

Central Texas top stories for September 18, 2023. Ken Paxton’s trial ends and is acquitted. Austin ISD to take vote on special education plan. Georgetown school board discusses if Chaplins can be school councilors.

KUT Morning Newscast for September 14, 2023

Central Texas top stories for September 14, 2023. Prosecution rests in Ken Paxton trial. Kyle is running low on water as it faces drought. Austin City Council calls for police transparency program.

KUT Morning Newscast for August 25, 2023

Central Texas top stories for August 25, 2023. McCallem ISD gives counseling to students after anti-abortion protesters come to school. How to conserve energy during weather watches.

KUT Morning Newscast for August 24, 2023

Central Texas top stories for August 24, 2023. Excessive heat warning returns for Travis County. Austin Community College and Round Rock ISD eye property tax proposals. Hays County debates a new police force.