Claudia Sheinbaum

Texas’ Jamestown Revival talk Tony-nominated score

The U.S. Supreme Court makes a key decision on abortion access, but is it the final word on the matter? The highest court in the land makes a unanimous decision on the abortion drug mifepristone, in a case that was originally filed in Amarillo.
The producers of the hit Broadway musical “The Outsiders” wanted someone outside the theatre world to score their play. Magnolia’s own Jamestown Revival stop by to talk about their Tony-nominated songs.
We’ve also got the latest intelligence on Apple bringing AI to its phones.

How East Texas is recovering after massive storms

As heat replaces rain as the top weather concern, East Texas is still weathering the remnants of our stormy spring.
You’ve heard about a shortage of mental health facilities and doctors, but for those who do get treatment, what comes the day after discharge? How little-known clubs are filling the gap.
In a year that started with excitement for the San Antonio Spurs, it’s now the Dallas Mavericks with a shot at the title. Looking ahead to the NBA Finals, which start tonight.
And: Why are so many finding that “breaking up is hard to do” when it comes to tech providers? Omar Gallaga breaks it down.

How Mexico’s new president could affect U.S. relations

We’re bringing you the latest on Mexico’s historic presidential election in today’s edition of the Standard, hosted by Angela Kocherga from Mexico City. How will Claudia Sheinbaum, the country’s first female president, approach governing and U.S.-Mexico relations?
Is Attorney General Ken Paxton using consumer laws to promote his political agenda? Investigative reporters looked into the issue.
What another mega-merger of two Houston-based oil industry heavy hitters means. This is just the latest in a series of acquisitions across the U.S. oil patch.
And: A new grocery store offers culinary variety and sustainability in San Antonio.