Chrissy Symone

Chrissy Symone: “March 14”

These days, participating in a youth choir – in school, at church, or wherever – is like a gateway drug for future singing sensations. Based on the abundance of success stories in recent history, it’s pretty clear that placing some discipline on your pipes at an early age gives you a huge leg up later on.

See: Chrissy Symone. Born in Georgia and now based in Austin, Chrissy was first bit by the songwriting bug back in her school’s choir about a dozen years ago. Since settling into the pandemic mentality, Symone’s been padding out an impressive SoundCloud presence with original acoustic tunes that arrange piano, guitar, and vocals into consistently pleasant jazz-and-blues-adjacent soft indie pop. But of course, Symone’s voice is the prime attraction. Her delicate delivery, poignant lyricism, and effortless ability to navigate intervals and registers make Chrissy one of the most slept on artists in the Live Music Capital.

Well, today Chrissy Symone gave the world a much-welcomed wake up call. Despite its initial appearance on SoundCloud nearly a year ago, Symone just released her flagship Spotify single “March 14”. Huge kudos to Chrissy for including an instrumental rendition as well – one that truly illustrates the weight and impact her vocals can bring to a track like this. Chrissy Symone has a don’t-miss SoFar Sounds session coming up on May 7th, and while you’ve got calendar dates in mind, take a tranquil trip back exactly one month with “March 14”.