Texas Standard: August 5, 2021

As front line workers warn of the spread of the Delta variant, a top Texas pediatric doctor intensifies warnings about back to school. That today on the Texas Standard.
The latest from the pediatrician in chief at Texas Children’s Hospital says 80% of new hospital admissions are COVID related. We’ll hear an update.
Also, the close of a special session brought to an early standstill. What comes next? And will anything change?
And, the threat to cutoff capitol pay- if you’ve put in the work, aren’t you entitled to the money, period? Yes. Unless there’s a loophole, and a Texas law professor says there is one. Those stories and more.

Texas Standard: December 9, 2016

Breaking news: three top members of the Texas Veterinary board resign after a scathing state review. A state senator bites back today on the Texas Standard.

What’s the difference between a light drinker and a heavy drinker? It may be the genes. A possible breakthrough reported by a Texas researcher.

For the 30 thousand kids in the state’s troubled foster care system, a new plan to help them stay healthy, we’ll hear how it works.

One of the state’s best known Texas republicans opens up her political warchest to battle for women. The moment that sparked her outrage, and what she’s doing about it.

Plus the week in politics and much more—turn it up, it’s Texas Standard time.