Child welfare

Cormac McCarthy’s deep Texas ties

A tornado tore through the Panhandle town of Perryton on Thursday, leaving three dead, scores injured and many without homes – and forecasts say there’s more severe weather on the way.

Native American tribes are celebrating a big win before the Supreme Court in an adoption law case brought by a white foster couple from Texas.

What an expo in El Paso says about an aspect of border security that’s seldom talked about.

Remembering a giant of American novelists, Cormac McCarthy, and his ties to Texas.

And the week in politics with the Texas Tribune.

‘Be My Eyes’ app uses AI to help people with disabilities

So-called smaller bills have a big impact on lives of everyday Texans. We’ll find where some of them stand in the Legislature.

A new book investigates why the state of Texas separated six Black children from their birth parents. The kids died when their adoptive parents drove off a cliff. We’ll have interview with the author.

Why the catalytic converter remains a popular car part for thieves and how to protect your vehicle.

And how AI translates into more independence for Texans with disabilities.

Texas Standard: October 22, 2015

Warnings across Texas as weather gets nasty: the questions not if, but when and where the water will rise. We’ll explore. Two family detention centers ask Texas regulators for certification. Why are child welfare advocates objecting? A new space race in Texas and who’s getting left on the launch pad. Plus how many flags have flown over you know where- careful there…And hands off Texas chili: an expert rejoinder to latest abomination from the New York times cooking section. All of that and more on todays Texas Standard: