Texas Standard: November 16, 2018

More than just a me too moment: the Texas House holds hearing on how to crack down on sexual harassment at the capitol, we’ll have the story. Also, the face of Texas politics is changing, and both political parties would like to win over the fastest growing ethnic demographic in Texas. Why California might be able to Texas a thing or two about how to get them. And as the Fed considers another interest rate hike, should you buy or rent your next home? Why hurricane Harvey’s made the calculation more complicated for some. Plus the week in politics and a whole lot more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: November 8, 2017

A Texas senator pushing a gun control bill? After Southerland Springs, closing some of the loopholes in buying firearms, we’ll have the latest. We’ve been hearing about the 26 killed, 20 hurt at the church in Southerland Springs, now we’re getting to know their names and their stories. Also the air force admits it didn’t red flag the FBI with information that should have stopped the shooter from buying his weapons, we’ll explore. And new allegations of Sexual abuse at a Texas lockup for juveniles: what lawmakers are saying. And a Texan reconsiders his vote for Trump one year later. Those stories and so much more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: January 27, 2016

He’s a physicist, a nobel laureate, a professor, and now a central figure in the debate over guns in college classrooms. Also with dangerous chemical on tap in Flint, Michigan, what’s in the water in Texas? In many cases no one’s quite sure. What’s behind mounting delays in Texas water testing? We’ll explore. Also millennials stuck in parent’s attics and in low paying jobs…now besting baby boomers at top homebuyers. And doing well, but feeling like a fake: understanding the imposter syndrome. All those stories and much more on todays Texas Standard: