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This Song: SOAK // Burgess Meredith

Bridie Monds-Watson, aka SOAK, first heard Pink Floyd when she was in the womb (her parents soothed her with the whale songs of their epic “Echoes”) but only after rummaging through her family’s records did she rediscover the bands LP “Meddle.”  Hear her tell how the track “Fearless” helped influence her songwriting and allowed her to envision how expansive recording and production could be.

Then songwriting duo Josh King and Jesse Hester from the Austin band Burgess Meredith explore the depth and breadth of their Beatlemania.  Josh describes the magic of the very first pre-Beatles recording that John, Paul, and George made as the Quarrymen. Then Jesse talks about how  “Yesterday’s” timeless, sweet sadness has helped him understand the purpose of songwriting.

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