Bryn Terranova

Bryn Terranova: “Fueled By Fate” (feat. Natalia Nekare)

Progressive metal and drum n bass. Two high octane genres that we here at KUTX could be a lot better at curating. Just for today, though, we’re getting some local help from a whole new world of both styles.

We’re talking about Austin’s Bryn Terranova, who on top of her time as a graphic designer and a consistent cat foster parent, has also recently been making a name for herself as a pretty kickass vocalist-producer. Terranova introduced us to her complex, frenetic sound back in April with her debut streaming single “Lost in Echos” – a must-hear for any upbeat electronic enthusiast. In the month-plus since it dropped, “Lost in Echos” has kept our blood pumping and our heart rate at a healthy high, but Bryn Terranova’s newest really ratchets up the aggression by smelting some much appreciated metal into the mix.

With the help of Pulso Critico vocalist Natalia Nekare, Terranova’s sophomore installation “Fueled By Fate” is unfalteringly ferocious from front to back. Down to the choice of kick drum tones and pairing of saturated synths and distorted guitar, “Fueled By Fate” does a great job of blurring the lines between synthetic and organic, DnB and prog metal, and emotional and unhinged. Whether you’re speeding down the highway, flying through the gates of Valhalla, or just getting some work done, “Fueled By Fate” will put your gear into overdrive and keep your motor roaring whenever you need a double dose of sonic adrenaline.