Brass for Gold

The Rumjacks: “Bloodsoaked in Chorus”

The lightly-irreverent, endlessly-perseverant energy of Celtic punk is truly a unique one, capable of both riling unrest and encouraging excess within the same three-minute sprint. That’s straight out of the playbook for Sydney five-piece The Rumjacks, whoseraucous take on the genre has led to a decade-and-a-half-long success streak. The Rumjacks have managed to keep it fresh after all that time, most noticeably with the addition of a new lead singer just before last year’s highly-acclaimed full-length Hestia. But as we all know, in the punk world, shorter is often better. That may be why The Rumjacks opted to release their first EP since 2009, Brass for Gold, earlier this year. Brass for Gold offers an efficiently-packaged eight-track punk experience, embossed in years of growth. The release has also landed The Rumjacks a spot on tour alongside The Dropkick Murphys, which continues soon at Stubb’s. You can catch ’em both next Monday and let loose with your buddies, belting out tunes like “Bloodsoaked in Chorus”!