Bowe Bergdahl

Texas Standard: October 17, 2017

When he arrived in Texas 3 years ago, many cheered the return of the american held captive. But a new chapter in that story begins. What’s next for Bowe Bergdahl now that he’s pleaded guilty to charges in connection with his own disappearance, we’ll explore. Also: officials in Houston taking a hard second look at defending against another Harvey, we’ll have details. And the remittance marketplace with Mexico: multibillion dollar business. Could an app shake it up the way Uber has with taxis? Those stories and a whole lot more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: August 18, 2016

In a year of deadly storms, and torrential downpours, one south Texas sheriff is wishing for a hurricane. His radical call for relief near the border, we’ll explore. Also he’s accused of being a deserter but new evidence suggests Bowe Bergdahl wanted to be something else: a Russian mob hitman. We’ll hear the latest on the eve of a potential turning point in his court martial. And if its good enough for kids, why not for schools? A plan to give Texas educators grades of A to F. And when it comes to the unofficial state entree, one town must be crowned as most improved. We’ll taco all about that and much more in just a moment, on todays Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: September 17, 2015

The homemade clock and the high school arrest heard round the world -a case of Islamophobia, or something more? Should army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, held for five years by the Taliban face a court marshall–that’s the question in San Antonio today. Also a doctor shortage across Texas…and a possible remedy. Plus, boil a bag of meat steeped in liquid smoke and what do you get? A hot trend, apparently. Texas Monthly’s barbecue editor weighs in. And the death of online shopping deals, perhaps you’ve just gotta know where to look these days. All of that and more on the Texas Standard: